Two Faced Ronin Rhinestone Hoodie

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The Two Faced Ronin Hoodie is the last drop from our character Enju's line, which like the prior hoodie also features the Ronin Mask with a rhinestone texture.

This hoodie is comfortable and thick with a loose fitting on the chest and arms, and is cuffed at the wrists.

The hoodie can be zipped up to show the full face of the oni and radiates when exposed to sunlight or any form of light. Along with the unique rhinestone zip up face, this hoodie also features the evil & good balance in a yin yang style design and a quote about the samurai’s mindset embroidered on the back of the hoodies. The front chest and lower arms also has a mixed aura symbol embroidered on it.

(Our hoodie has a loose fit, get one size up for oversized)

A normal wash cycle is fine for this product, it is made from Cotton & Polyester.

Sizing Guide (in inches) 

Size Body (Length)  Chest
 XS 26.27 21.06
S 27.05 21.85
M 27.83 22.64
L 28.63 23.43
XL 29.42 24.21