Twisted Persona - The World

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The World

The Characters & The Clothing

Each character has a dark back-story which details the life they have lived and gives you an understanding of how each experience created their persona. All their life they possessed strange powers and had no idea what to use them for, many of them suffered isolation, or struggled to hide their powers in everyday life from young age.

The characters eventually all meet up when they unknowingly make it into the same high school and get to know each other. They find out that it wasn’t by pure chance they all ended up in the same school and that their teacher is a specialised demon hunter. Each class represents a higher skilled assassination group and they are in class 11B.

As they are given a chance to showcase their skills, they are told by their tutor the reality of what’s happening in the outside world, many of them had heard folklore and tales from their family but never quite understood it all. From here we see there everyday lives training up as demon hunters and progressing their relationships with one another day by day.

Some of the designs represent a characters abilities. Also other elements of the universe may be used to inspire items of clothing.

As you learn more about the characters and the universe and see the animations, you will soon be able to predict the clothing items coming out and might even be able to vote on what clothing item you want next.

A lot of unreleased clothes and collections are also based on characters, or their personal belongings. Stay tuned for future drops!