The Archives

Here we have a list of Past Drops.

Twisted Ronin Rhinestone Hoodie

Our Ronin rhinestone hoodie was based off the character Enju and featured her Ronin mask in a rhinestone full zip up design.



Eye of Discerning Short's Set

Our shorts set was based off the character Ikaru and featured his discerning eye puff printed on the shorts & t-shirt of the items, also had a pink aura radiating down the stitching.

Eye of Discerning Tracksuit

Our tracksuit was based off the character Ikaru and featured his discerning embroidered on the chest & left upper leg area. It also had 3D Functional Eye Pockets on the legs and arms.


Two Faced Ronin

The Two Faced Ronin Hoodie is the last drop from our character Enju's line, which like the prior hoodie also features the Ronin Mask with a rhinestone texture.


Eye of Discerning V.2 Shorts Set

The discerning shorts set V.2 features our character Ikaru's special ability printed onto the clothing pocket area. The t-shirt and shorts both have blood stitching screen printed into the material.

The Reality Club Tracksuit Set

Our reality club tracksuit is part of the uniform the characters wear as part of their class. It features a extra long hoodie and a wide collar which can be styled in multiple different ways to suit the wearers needs. It has two pockets which can be stuck with velcro and a diagonal zipper across the body and collar of the hoodie top and the bottoms features a drop crotch style, and have two Velcro pockets at the back of the bottoms. The waist has a stretchy band for comfort.

Arlaya's Collection

Arlaya's collection is a set of shell cargo inspired by our character's character details. The cargos feature a light shell material with a pattern down the leg down to the foot and a pattern on the abdomen up to the neck. This represents the transfer of spiritual energy for the character.