Kumori Natsuki "The Shadow Seen by Few"

  • Name: Kumori Natsuki~ The Shadow Seen by Few
  • Nicknames: Kumo- Kun or Natsu-san
  • Age:17
  • D.O.B: 06/06/1983
  • Place of Birth: Land Of Velgrath
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Ethnicity: White


Residence: Natsuki Household

Occupation: Head of Household


Kumori has never has been tutored or educated due to her powers and complicated home-life.

Appearance: A short teenage girl with brown hair who is usually spotted wearing a long grey dress. It has been noticed that she has a dark shadow aura emitting from her skin. 


Kumori is an overall Tsundere with her brother but distant with other male characters until she grows closer to her team. She has a fear of being abandoned by those she loves or being lonely. She likes melon bread and dislikes most men except her brother. She also has strong hatred for those who destroy flowers.


Kumori loves fighting strong opponents alongside her shadow companion and enjoys learning new skills. She also loves having a flower in her hair.


Flower picking is a hobby of hers because her mother often use have bouquets around the house.

Kumori frequently can be seen talking to the shadows which actually becomes a physical character later on who others can engage with also.

Unique Abilities:

Descent Mode- Body Emits a dark aura making her temporarily untouchable. This mode also drastically raises her combat capabilities. She has control over the shadows and can make them appear as a physical object to the normal eye.

Shadow Creep- She can mask herself in darkness and be cloaked for a limited time.

Back Story:

When Kumori was a kid , she was very isolated and others considered her weird and a freak. Her built up hatred made her cause others lots of pain, this was because she was not aware of how to control her powers, her parents had abandoned her, fearing she would hurt them.

She ran away with her older brother who also hasn't got powers but had the ability to see the reality of the world. It wasn't long till government facilities tried kidnapping her to experiment and research her skills. However she escaped and lived an isolated life with her brother in the country until the day they both received a letter of high school admission. She has lived amongst the shadows all her life and considers them her family.