Enju Takano "The Lone Ronin"

  • Name: Enju Takano ~ The Lone Ronin"
  • Nicknames: Enju or Taka-chan
  • Age:18
  • D.O.B: 08/03/1984
  • Place of Birth: Unknown


Residence: Takano Household

Occupation: Enju is the only known living member of the household of Takano


Enju has always been educated by her stepdad about the history of japan and the world we live in. She hasn't been given any formal education and learned everything she knows from books or manga.


Enju is a strong girl who has survived most of her life by herself so is a very independent but also very loyal to her companions. Initially when she first appears she seems distant and a little disturbed but later on she becomes friendly and engages more with the rest of her class.


Enju likes fighting strong opponents because it allows her to surpass her limits and killing demons is a satisfying feeling for her. 

Having been a child brought up without any friends, having trustworthy comrades and being part of a team really changed the life of Enju. 


Enju loves to eat and has a obsession with food (probably because of the intense training she went through with her stepdad),

She loves read old manga and history books, she picked up this hobby because hunting demons became the main focus of her life and she wanted to know more about these beings.

Unique Abilities: 

Materialize: Enju was born with the the ability to instantly manipulate space and replicate any weapon of her choice. She is known for mainly using dual weird katanas but has an infinite arsenal of weapons at her disposal.

Twisted Ronin: Enju has a deep power within her, some say her mother was reincarnated into her body but no one really knows. She has a transformation ability where her face is covered by a mask known as the "Twisted Ronin" This ability enhances her physical strength and agility. 

Back Story:

Enju was a young girl taken in by her stepfather after her mothers passing and has lived with him her whole life. Her stepdad had a wife named Emiko who he grew up with in a small village in the countryside.

They both trained and were skilled warriors however being a woman Emiko never had the status of a warrior and wasn't allowed to fight. She instead became a kunoichi by night but eventually died of old age before Arata (her stepdad).

Arata now being an old man trained up Enju to learn all the skills her mother knew and by the age of twelve she was already an exceptional fighter. 

Enju's life quickly took a turn for the worst. When she was just fourteen her stepdad was murdered by a demon, since then she's roamed the world trying to find the demon that killed Arata.

She never stayed too long in one location and was a ghost but out of respect for her mothers lost legacy she called herself the "The Lone Ronin". She became a rumour, a so called ghost story.