Arlaya Kurosa~ "The Red Beast"

  • Name: Arlaya Kurosa~ The Red Beast~
  • Nicknames: Arla or Arla-san
  • Age:16
  • D.O.B: 09/12/1986
  • Place of Birth: Langratha
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Ethnicity: White


Residence: Kurosa Household

Occupation: Eldest Daughter of Household


Before high school she had never knowingly stepped foot out of the family household, she was home tutored by the family relatives until suddenly she was made known she would be attending high school. (She has been outside the house but we will leave that surprise for another day) 


She wears a necklace featuring the twisted persona logo and has never taken it off, surprisingly she has had this necklace from the very day she was born, it was given to her by her older sister and she didn't know what it was or what it meant until she saw that symbol in high school.


Arlaya is a pretty powerful girl not only combat wise but she is very protective over those she cares about and treasures. She can be playful and goofy at times but is serious when needed. She dislikes people who are bullies and people who have the power to protect but instead let people die. She fears being abandoned by those she cares about and seeing friends or family die.


She loves her purple teddy bear that her older sister got for her when she was young. She loves to have fun with her friends and enjoys fighting alongside them.


Arlaya loves combat training and hanging out with friends. She enjoys the company of her classmates and considers them family.

Unique Abilities:

Red Beast Mode

At a certain time Arlaya” switches to a different personality. The transformation is be sudden and visible signs of change are noticeable on the face and body. Her personality becomes that of a brute, although she is still in control (eventually after a lot of training) she is more aggressive and her combat skills are almost tripled in power. Later on she finds out she has the blood of a wolf inside of her and the necklace was what kept her from having the physical transformation.

Back Story: 

When she was just young she was born into the Kurosa household and lived with her grandparents, from young she was looked at as special because of an incident in day-care where she allegedly transformed in front of the other kids she was kept in isolation in the family home.

She had an older sister who she wasn't told too much about who lived with her up until she six then disappeared. She was given a necklace and a purple teddy bear by her sister which she treasures dearly.

(Spoiler! Eventually she finds out her sister is actually trapped in this bear but is freed later on in the series)

At the age of sixteen she gets word she will be going to a high school, this news gets her by surprise as she's never been able to go out before. Here begins her journey into understanding her powers and what's happened to her older sister.